I ended last weeks screen cast with a number of options for how to work around the problem with the create_dm_room method returning None.

" a. Trigger a sync in create_dm_room. b. Make create_dm_room return a RoomId and do the sync triggering in the caller code. c. Set up the sync beats to run properly and wait for a beat in create_dm_room. "

I tried a but it didn’t seem to help. Putting:

            use crate::config::SyncSettings;

in place of the original


and while it no longer hanged for the length of the timeout, it still didn’t work. I even tried putting it in a loop, thinking that the room might come through in a later sync, but this just went on for infinity without returning the room:

        loop {
            println!("Syncing... Waiting for room to connect");
            use crate::config::SyncSettings;

            if let Some(room) = self.get_joined_room(&response.room_id) {
                return Ok(Some(room));

I also looked into doing c, to see if I needed to set up the automatic sync loop, and while this is probably something I want. I can’t figure out how to actually make it sync while also alowing the rest of my code to run. It seems that sync is meant to be awaited. I’m still not clear on whether there is something like await but more spawn like where I can leave a task to run and get on with my other tasks.

Before I could get to implementing b, though. I noticed that some 6 hours before this screencast a new commit appeared which generally improved the create_dm_room method, but didn’t make it public. So I rushed over to try out the new version.

Unfortunately, I immediately ran into this lovely error:

$ cargo build
    Updating git repository ``
    Updating index
error: failed to select a version for `serde`.
    ... required by package `ruma-client-api v0.15.3 (`
    ... which satisfies git dependency `ruma-client-api` of package `ruma v0.7.4 (`
    ... which satisfies git dependency `ruma` of package `matrix-sdk v0.6.2 (/vb/third-party/matrix-rust-sdk/crates/matrix-sdk)`
    ... which satisfies path dependency `matrix-sdk` (locked to 0.6.2) of package `matrix-bot-tester v0.1.0 (/vb/util/matrix-bot-tester)`
versions that meet the requirements `^1.0.147` are: 1.0.147

all possible versions conflict with previously selected packages.

  previously selected package `serde v1.0.143`
    ... which satisfies dependency `serde = "^1.0.8"` (locked to 1.0.143) of package `config v0.13.2`
    ... which satisfies dependency `config = "^0.13.2"` (locked to 0.13.2) of package `matrix-bot-tester v0.1.0 (/vb/util/matrix-bot-tester)`

failed to select a version for `serde` which could resolve this conflict

And decided to go to bed.