Making create_dm_room public

So the maintainers of the matrix-rust-sdk approved the idea of making create_dm_room public and asked me to create the PR. This required updating rustc as the latest version of the api requires bleading edge rust. The change itself, however was quite simple, simply removing the (crate) from pub(crate) in the function signature.

Fleshing out the matrix bot tester

So it turns out that there is no way to request messages directly from a room. Instead you have to add an event handler on room messages as shown in the example.

In order to then synchronously process the messages, I set up a method for redirecting the messages from the event handler to a tokio channel.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish things up with the bot tester bot because I had some troubles building the devel version of matrix-rust-sdk.

But luckly the nice people over at the matrix-org github org quicly corrected my mistake. I had included an extraneous dependency on the stable version of matrix-sdk-common. Now that dependency builds as seen in. Part 2

So I should hopefully finish the bot tester bot next week.